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OMC members on a boulder in Fontainebleau


We usually have two outdoor meets each month. These typically fall on the weekend of the first and third weeks of the month. We also take advantage of bank holidays (so the usual schedule may be changed around them) to get more days in the hills or to get to more remote locations.


We generally travel out to the venue on Friday evening and back on Sunday and share lifts wherever possible.

Typically we camp in the summer months and stay in huts or hostels in the colder months, so you will need your own tent for the camping meets.

We don't explicitly organise climbs or walks for people to do on the meets. Usually the night before or at breakfast we make arrangements about who will be doing what. If you are new, it is a good idea to come to a social meet or go down the climbing wall before going on a meet so you can talk to some of us about the meet you are interested in.

If you are a climber, particularly if you are inexperienced, then it's definitely a good idea to meet us and we can see which meets would be best for you to go on based on your experience.

Outdoor Meets 2024
Additional Information
7 Jan
Day walk
James Lord
20-21 Jan
10-11 Feb
17-18 Feb
Jess Hawthorne
Early season sports climbing
2-3 Mar
Cefn, N. Wales
Work meet
Jason McCluskey
Focus on track maintenance
9-17 Mar
Margalef, Spain
Sun rock trip
Steve Grey
People source own accomodation
16-17 Mar
29 Mar - 1 Apr
Cefn, N. Wales
Jane Ferguson
6 Apr
Wye Valley
Bouldering day trip
Jess Hawthorne
Aimed at beginners
20-21 Apr
Will Breukelaar
Sea cliff climbing & lovely walking
4-6 May
First May BH
Andrea Stephens
Thames Valley
Day walk
Linda Ashwell
6 mile walk followed by a pub lunch
18-25 May
Roybridge & Glencoe
Jenny Hirst
4 nights in a bunkhouse then camping
25-27 May
Late May BH
Chris Densham
Fun bouldering
8-9 Jun
Jane Ferguson
Sea cliff climbing & lovely walking
22-23 Jun
Family friendly meet
Kerry Williamson
Bringing a child is optional!
6-7 Jul
Duncan Steele
Climbing & beaches
20-21 Jul
Buttermere, Lakes
Paul's 60th Birthday
Paul Russell
Some beer might get drunk!
10-11 Aug
24-29 Aug
Nick Gardiner
Adventurous sea cliff climbing
24-26 Aug
Cefn, N. Wales
James Lord
7-8 Sep
James Carpenter
Second trip of the year
21-22 Sep
Cefn, N. Wales
Work meet
John Stibbard
5-6 Oct
Yorkshire Dales
Hal Horner
Walking, caving & cragging
19-20 Oct
2-3 Nov
23-24 Nov
Julian Duxfield
Option to visit the Kendal Mountain Festival
7-8 Dec
Christmas meet
Hut accomodation logo

Hut accomodation, often implies limited space.

Camping meet logo

Camping meet, bring your own roof.

Meet booked in advance logo
Local walk logo
Members only logo

Meet likely to be organised and booked well in advance.

Local walk. Mainly organised through the email group.

Members only. Only signed up members can attend.

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