T-Shirt: Design and Text Ideas

During the Cornwall meet on the 5/6th July 2008 there was a little more rain than anticipated. Indeed for the most part no one can recall it not raining for more than 5 mins. This caused a merry band of OMCers to become trapped in a drinking house with limited supplies of beer but we were fairly certain there was enough to keep us going 'til midnight.

With the prospect of spending the entire evening discussing which pub the club should meet in we decided a fresh topic was needed. Hence the discussion about what we could put on an OMC T-Shirt was raised. In commemoration of that evening here is a list of the more reasonable suggestions. Some have been lost, beer took a toll on the quality of the note taking making some suggestions illegible but I think the list below is quite enough. Enjoy!

Group One: Text for the Back of a T-Shirt Good to wear down at the wall!

  • I wish he was soloing
  • Can someone hold this rope for me?
  • Sanity is overated.
  • My other belayer concentrates
  • My other climbing partner is quite good.
  • He's much heavier than me. Please hold my legs.
  • I'm belaying stupid!
  • Belay Bunny

Group Two: Descriptions of the Club

  • OMC: Fuelled by beer and flapjacks
  • OMC: A heated hodgepodge of passion
  • OMC: We hardly ever have epics
  • OMC(with C to the power of 2): Sanity is Relative

Group Three: Touching the Void Paradies

  • Someone's touching my void
  • Touching the Slight Depression (Partial Vacuum)
  • Excuse me, you're touching my void

Group Four: Miscellaneous

  • I only date climbers/anyone
  • Tea cup tally on sleeve
  • OMC Coming to a tea shop near you!
  • Picture of a climber drinking tea
  • We need more O Negatives
  • (Front) Run for the hills!
    (Back) Run away from the hills!
  • It's just a flesh wound.
  • I hope someone comes out of this alive
  • It's rainy... it's windy... it's cold...
    Let's go climbing!
  • Oxford House Prices - Exorbitant.
    Oxford Beer Prices - Exorbitant.
    Oxford to crag fuel cost - Exorbitant.
    OMC Membership - Priceless!