Kirsty Densham

Kirsty Densham
The club pays tribute to Kirsty Densham who tragically lost her life while scrambling with friends in the Lake District on 2 Jan 2009.

We will miss her greatly.

Kirsty was compassionate and joyful and had a love of the outdoors. Our hearts go out to her husband Chris, her family and all those who knew her.

Walking down hill
Kirsty first came to the club at the start of 2006. When she came on the trip to Skye and Kintail she caught the eye of Chris, caver, climber and alround adventurer.

Wedding dance
He knew he had found someone wise, strong and with a sense of humour. They were married on 21st June 2008 at Headington Hill Hall, Oxford.

Words, Memories and Pictures

Below are a few memories of Kirsty from those who knew her. Please send your own contributions to us and we will add them to the page.

There has also been a piece written in the Oxford Mail. The author Tom Shepherd spent time with Chris and Heather on Wednesday, and with their consent used quotes from the memorial service and OMC website. Click here to read the artricle online.

Holiday memories from Julie Cooke

I just have a few pictures of Kirsty from when we went skiing in the Dolomites in 2007. I remember we did some really fun skiing that week in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

Sella Ronda
From that trip I particularly remember the Hidden Valley, where we ended up having a horse-drawn ski tow across the valley floor, also the Sella Ronda circuit and skiing from high altitude at the top of the Marmolada Glacier.

Hidden Valley
The pictures show a happy, laughing Kirsty, in the great outdoors, having fun and surrounded by friends. I'll remember Kirsty as really good company, a fun-loving person always ready to laugh but importantly, with a serious, passionate, very caring side to her nature. I will miss her.

From John Cardy

I first met Kirsty on what I think was one of her first OMC meets, in Edale, March 2006. She joined us for a tramp across Kinder Scout in deep snow, thick mist and a howling gale. She didn't have any gaiters and her feet must have been wet and cold, but every time I looked back she was smiling. When the chance came to cut the round short and drop down to the tea shop, there was no question but that we should go on to the end.

Kirsty, in the short time you were in the OMC you lit us up with your good spirits and enthusiasm, and we will miss you.

Pictures from Steve Grey

The pictures Steve took show Kirsty exploring Termessos. An ancient city in Turkey built at over 1000m. A remarkable place untouched but protected in its state making visitors feel like they had just discovered it.

Chris and Kirsty take in the breathtaking theatre set in the dramatic panorama of the Taurus mountains.

Words sent from Samuel Royanette in Paris

Although I hardly knew her (I met her only a few times) I remember her as a wonderful person, very kind and attentive to people. I remember her full of energy and joy of life, I really appreciated the few holidays with her, Chris & co...

Thoughts from Jim Saunders

Most of the pictures I have of Kirsty are with Chris too. Even though they were only together for not much more than two and a half years they had done more than most couples do in a lifetime.

Kirsty was able to match Chris' adventurous spirit and she can never be replaced. However, she was also pragmatic in difficult times so its important to focus on what we can do rather than what we can't.

Some things she did with Chris she now leaves us the responsibilty for. These include, unplanned overnight sleep outs in national parks, skinny dipping in freezing UK coastal waters, the catching preparing and cooking of crayfish from the Thames. The list does not stop here. She was a fun, loving and dedicated companion.

She will be sadly missed but warmly remembered.

Photo from James Carpenter - Kirsty keeping Chris under control. One of the many tasks she would lovingly do on a daily basis.

Some words from Ken Sutor

Chris and Kirsty
Very sad to hear this news. I can't say I spent much time with Kirsty, but enough to see her smile and sense of humour bring pleasure to me and everyone around her.

Photo from James Shand - Kirsty and Chris in the Lakes

From Ingrid Ferguson

Top of crag
Memories of cinema trips and many drunken conversations. I miss you, Darling - you know that, don't you? xxx



Trip memory from James Lord

The first time I met Kirsty was probably her first trip with the club, in February 2006. Dan had booked a huge bunkhouse in the Brecon Beacons but couldn't go himself - in the end I was the only long-standing club member on the trip, with three newcomers, one of whom was Kirsty. We did a long walk on the Brecon Beacons in the mist and frost.

We never saw the other two again but Kirsty was here to stay. Our next meet in common was the Kintail/Skye meet that spring, when she and I drove up together.

On the way back, now having Dan as passenger, we left Skye in the rain and stopped off to climb Schiehallion in Perthshire in bright sunshine, before continuing to the Lakes.

At this point we were in convoy with Chris and Steve, who were also travelling back from Skye to the Lakes to meet up with some friends of theirs. We didn't join them but camped in Borrowdale and had another fine day on Glaramara and Scafell Pike.

Words from Colin Roach

Kirsty and Andrew
"Jenny and I met Kirsty only fleetingly a few times but her spirit was obvious" Colin

Picture from James Carpenter - Andrew and Kirsty pose stylishly for the camera.

First memories from Celeste Loots

My first memorable encounter with Kirsty was at the BBQ meet in 2006. After a long discussion with Andrew Finney about why he did not want to do rock climbing, I came back from a long day's walk in the hills to find him and Kirsty laughing about their shopping expedition to buy,.. you guessed it... rock climbing shoes!!

Kirsty was a fun-loving, warm and enthusiastic person with an encouraging attitude to others. I remember doing Neil's rope course at Brooke's with her and others, and when I got all twisted up in the ropes, she had some encouraging words for me.

I was also touched by her interest in my idea to raise money through hiking for those struggling to exist in Malawi. Mostly, I remember how happy she looked at the OMC Christmas dinner last year, and I remember thinking that she was obviously enjoying married life with Chris.

Some words from Richard Plater

I remember receiving Kirsty's email volunteering to be on the OMC Committee and being really chuffed.

I thought Kirsty is just the sort of person we need, she'll be straightforward and clear thinking and will give an honest opinion with no messing about. And so it proved.

on the floor
I think, however, I'd rather remember her from the ski trips and fun days out on the hills that we shared. She was always positive, enthusiastic, and fun loving.

Her attitude always seemed to be 'let's stop talking about it and go and do it'. What a great way to have lead your life.

From Abby White

Kirsty you will always have a place in my heart and i am just very grateful to have had the opportunity to have known you and you and Chris together as a couple.

One day i will walk that flaming mountain that took your life and curse all the way up it and down it as you know i would and then go to the pub and have a drink to you.

You died doing something that you enjoyed doing and that for me is the only way to go. Abby

Picture from Heather - "our beautiful, lovely dear friend"

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Kirsty, please feel free to do so either to Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team at or to Kirsty's preferred charity the Alzheimer's Society at

Chris and Kirsty's family would like to thank everyone who has sent cards, messages of support and tributes to Kirsty. It has been a great comfort in this difficult time.